Jay Fagan

Mr. Fagan challenged all the students to work very hard on their musicality, rhythm and technique... His scholarship class included an excellent warm up, and a variety of lyrical and jazz combinations. His intense yet fun teaching style inspires students with challenging choreography to popular music.

British Association of Teachers of Dancing

Jay Fagan's classically styled swinging tap dancing & comedy bits quickly won over the audience

Sam Katz

Jay Fagan's comedy set prior to his solo had the audience in stitches & his "Just in Time/Green Dolphin Street" performance showed he had quite the chops, in addition to the comedy.

Sam Katz

Jay is a phenomenal dancer, of course! But he is also a gifted choreographer, and instructor! In an extremely short turnaround time, Jay choreographed and taught my daughter several versions of a dynamic and complex tap routine that ultimately won her the opportunity to perform at a worldwide talent showcase! Just fantastic!

Terri Capatosto

Fagan proved incredibly entertaining, both standup comic and tap-dance chameleon

Laura Molzahn - See Chicago Dance

Sibling Rivalry summed up the good fun with the challenge of a "Tap Off." Jay Fagan has developed a new dimension of the Stand Up Comedian with his dance impressions and one liners. Connie Fagan performed effortlessly with rippling sounds and a dare devil smile. She turns, glides, stomps with equal skill.

Amanda Stone

Jay Fagan, who began by demonstrating the styles of Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Michael Flatley and Savion Glover before launching into his own hot solo, punctuated with spins and jumps for a more theatrical effect.

Jasmina Wellinghoff - Special to the San Antonio Express-News

Along with Bill were brother and sister tap dancers Jay and Connie Fagan, which complimented Bill on this evening, as in many engagements past. Connie and Jay each did a outstanding solo, but their duet is what brought the house down. They (more often than not) sounded as one, which I guess was the whole idea. I found myself looking away just to listen to them in sync... rat-ta-tat-tat.

Frank Marino- Vegas Community Online

He talked to the audience, eliciting laughter again and again. And he danced, stomping and sliding, skipping and tripping, his feet lightning-fast as they delivered one amazing movement after another.

San Antonio Express-News

...one of the most remarkable opening acts in the business today: The tap dancing routines of Jay & Connie Fagan. I have watched this brother / sister act perform on more than one occasion and am reminded of the late great tap masters Gregory Hines and of course my personal favorite Sammy Davis, Jr.

...fantastic tap dancing!

It's The Norm - Las Vegas Entertainment Events

Jay Fagan, of Especially Tap, at times fairly burst with the energy of the rhythms inside him.

Chicago Reader

Jay pushes sound and rhythm to the edge using Brenda Bufalino & Sam Weber techniques to create his own style. Jay's classes are only for those who want to push themselves to the limit.


...brought back by popular demand one of the best darn tap dancers in the business today, Jay Fagan. When you watch this "master" of the tap work you will be amazed and when he joins Acosta in the Sammy Davis, Jr. salute you too will have goose bumps. Believe me it's that dramatic.

Entertainment Today - Las Vegas

Choreographer Jay Fagan was also there. When he wasn't tapping himself at blinding speeds, he would hold out his pants legs as if they were pantaloons, demonstrate the step, and sing out: "Old MacDonald had a farm . . . and on this farm he had a tap . . .." At one point, when the group of dancers had been whittled to 12 and they were lined up across the stark stage with nervous smiles and perspiration he quipped, "Don't smile! This isn't fun!"

Las Vegas Strip History

Few dancers are as comfortable onstage while repeatedly defying gravity and logic as hoofer Jay Fagan. "Fur Elise" featured impossibly rapid taps against the soothing sounds of the Beethoven classic. Sporting an edgier look than last year - maybe it was the maroon T-shirt and black pants - Fagan consistently topped himself as a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Julie Catalano - Special to the Express News - San Antonio

Jay Fagan is an amazing guest artist. He proved to be exactly what I was looking for in a guest teacher: fun, challenging and unbelievably motivating. My students and I loved him! He gives more than 100% to every class he teaches. It was a joy to watch him in action. There is no doubt that he loves teaching! I hope I have the privilege to work with him again in the future!

Michelle Nicholson - Director - In Motion Dance Center, Winston-Salem, NC

It is rare to find an artist who can both "do" and "teach". You have the double gift of real talent in both performance & education. I also appreciate how you sneak in some morals & virtues with the entertainment. The world sure could use a lot more of those lessons.

-Mary Beth Turek

I loved him, he was great and so much fun.

Lindsay Doyle of Upton